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Master of Public Administration (MC-PA) // Course structure

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Course structure

Students are required to take 112.5 points of compulsory subjects, including a 25-point capstone subject. Students then choose 37.5 points of elective subjects, 25 points which must come from the core elective list.

150 point program

Duration: 1.5 years full-time / up to 3 years part-time

  • eight compulsory subjects (112.5 points) (includes 25-point capstone subject)
  • elective subjects (37.5 points) (25 points of which must come from the core elective subject list).

Capstone Requirement:

All students are required to complete the Capstone Requirement for the program (25 points). Students must complete this capstone option:

  • PADM90001 Administration Challenges in Practice

Purpose: This existing subject draws together key lessons from the compulsory and core subjects and applies them to a practical case. Students work in small teams to undertaken analysis, develop practical recommendations and present these to an expert panel. In addition, students prepare an individual paper that allows them to reflect on the group process, and also their own lessons from across the course.

For policies that govern this degree, see Academic Services Policy in the University Melbourne Policy Framework. Students also should also refer to information in the Student Policy Directory.