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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) (B-FADANCE) // Course structure

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Course structure

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) requires the successful completion of 300 points comprising 100 points of study at first, second and third year levels. Students can continue to a fourth year of study to complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) (Dance).

Core Subjects

There are 237.5 points in core subjects in the dance specialisation. Dancers are trained for the technical demands and creative challenges of careers in dance through studio-based and theoretical core subjects which focus on dance technique training in contemporary dance and ballet, somatic practices, choreography and performance.


Dance students take 62.5 points in electives over the course of their study. 6.25 elective points must be taken in 1st Year, 18.75 elective points in 2nd year, and 37.5 elevtive points are to be taken in 3rd year. Students can choose to specialise further in Dance, OR choose VCA electives from other artistic disciplines OR choose University of Melbourne breadth subjects to prepare for other pathways such as teaching and education.

The course structure for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) is outlined below.